Kitselas Canyon

One of the natural and cultural jewels of north-western British Columbia.

Kitselas Canyon Historic Site

The Kitselas Canyon was designated as one of Canada’s National Historic Sites in 1972.

Today, Kitselas First Nations has developed this naturally beautiful place of history into a tourism attraction, and welcomes the world to see it for themselves.

The Canyon is located easily via road at the west end of the Kitselas reserve, just 10 minutes east of Terrace. Rich with history and beauty, the main gathering area, surrounded by natural forest, features stunning long houses and totem poles.

A user-friendly nature trail leads from the main gathering area through a moss-covered forest to the Clan Totem Pole Garden and a viewing platform above the Skeena River.

As the only First Nations village on the Skeena River where remains of houses and totem poles from the 1800s continue to exist, the Canyon it is of great historical and educational significance. It’s here that visitors can experience a taste of Northwest BC’s beauty while learning about Kitselas First Nations culture and history.

Walking Trail:

Take in the Natural Beauty of the Canyon, as you walk down our walking trail to the Kitselas Canyon. Along the trail, you will see signs that explain the importance of the local flora and fauna.

Guided Tour

During the guided tours, guides will take you through each of the long houses. Each long house has a different cultural and informational display. Guides will also highlight the carved totem poles in the Canyon, archaeological sites, as well as petroglyphs which were carved at least 5000 years ago.


Group rates for guided tours are $150.00 per group up to 20 people maximum.

$20 per individual after limit.

You may contact our Tour Guide for bookings at the number listed below.

Public hours at 8:30am-4:00pm – rates are $20 per person

If you have any questions regarding pricing please contact 250-635-5084

Kitselas offers guided and self-guided Canyon tours. The facility is also available for private functions.

Please visit the Kitselas Canyon website to learn more about how to visit.