About Kitselas Council

Kitselas Band Council governs Kitselas First Nation.  The Band Council includes one Chief and several councillors. The number of councillors increases and decreases depending on Kitselas’ population. 

The role of Council is to provide the overall direction
for the Nation and for the Kitselas Administration to carry out this direction. The Council aims to act in the best interest of all Kitselas members, to enhance the well-being of Kitselas community members while protecting the Nation’s assets.

Together, Kitselas Council and staff created a strategic framework, that outlines the vision, goals and values of the Nation, and guides decision-making.

The Kitselas Chief and Council are elected every two years. Any member of Kitselas First Nations, above the age of 18, is eligible to be on council.



Here, you will find some of the draft policies we are implementing with Kitselas Band Membership.