Community Hall Rental

Kitselas’ Community Hall is a large open hall available for rent to the general public. The space, located just outside of Terrace, BC, is perfect for large gatherings: weddings, small trade shows, conference and meetings. Kitselas Administration and community groups use the hall regularly for Kitselas events.



1561 Kulspai Crescent
Just off Queensway Drive, a five-minute drive outside of Terrace, towards Old Remo.



  • Large open space (300 person capacity)
  • Full commercial kitchen
  • Slightly elevated stage• Audio-visual system
  • Tables and chairs


All fees and deposits are due at least five days in advance of your event. Your booking is not confirmed until your damage deposit has been paid.

  • Security Deposit (required) – $300
  • Clean-Up Deposit (required) – $180*
  • Full Day Hall Rental – $600
  • Full Day Kitchen Rental – $150
  • Use of the PA system – $70
  • Use of Projector screen – $70

*Note: The cleaning fee is charged only if the renting party does NOT clean up. The facility must be cleaned by 8 am the day after scheduled event. Detailed clean up requirements will be provided.


To Book

To view and book the hall, contact Kitselas Main Reception at 250.635.5084 or complete the form below.


Hall Rental Form

Hall Rental Form

General Policies

  1. The organization or individual renting shall be responsible for the control and management of the people attending the event.
  2. The person signing this form accepts full responsibility for the cost associated for the replacement of any damages or missing equipment, furnishings and repairs to the facility. This includes interior and exterior.
  3. All renters are required to pay the Damage and Clean-up deposit to confirm the booking.
  4. All fees must be paid no later than 5 days prior to the event.5. Within 48 hours after the event the Damage deposit and Clean -up Fee will be returned to the renter in the event that they are warranted. (Please note the Clean-Up fee is applied only the renter does NOT clean up after the event.)