Wabsuwilaks’m Gitselasu Adult School

For information about the Kitselas Adult School, contact the Adult School Teacher, who is part of Community Services.

Kitselas Wabuwilaks’m Gitselasu Adult School delivers a range of courses, support and tutor services. The main goal of the school is support members who did not finish high school choose to complete their Dogwood Adult Graduation diploma.

Local education at the adult school has many positive benefits for the community:

  • Members can complete their Adult Dogwood Certificate in a supportive, local community environment.
  • Members increase their ability to secure meaningful employment.
  • Members heighten their ability to better understand issues affecting their community.
  • Members improve their ability to engage positively in their community.
  • A stronger community with educated members will be better equipped to preserve its culture.

Wabsuwilaks’m Gitselasu is now a certified school. We offer:

  • Paper-based courses at the school
  • Online courses through our partnership with Kitselas First Nation and the North Coast Distance Education School (NCDES).
  • Online courses through Connected Classroom, an initiative in partnership with First Nations Education Steering Committee.  You are virtually face to face with a teacher everyday for a specific period of time.

Student enrolment and attendance are essential for Wabsuwilaks’m Gitselasu Adult School to continue.

Post Secondary Funding

For more information and application forms for post-secondary funds, contact the Kitselas Community Services Director.

The Kitselas Education Department provides funds to support Kitselas members registered in academic-stream college and university programs. With your high school graduation certificate and Dogwood Diploma, there are many opportunities to continue your education!

To be eligible, students must:

  • Be a REGISTERED Kitselas Member
  • Have lived in Canada at least 12 months prior to application
  • Be accepted into an eligible program at an eligible institution
  • Maintain satisfactory academic standing

In BC, all eligible programs must meet the following criteria:

  • Be offered at an eligible post-secondary institution.
  • Be at least one academic year in length (as per institute standards) and lead to a degree, certificate or University College Entrance Preparatory (UCEP) program.
  • Require Grade 12 Dogwood or equivalent for admission.

Only applications complete with required documentation, as stated on the application form, will be reviewed for consideration.

Scholarships & Bursaries
In addition to post-secondary funds, many scholarships and bursaries are available for students entering and continuing post-secondary education.

In BC, hundreds of free (open) textbooks are available online for post-secondary students and instructors. This number is growing annually with textbooks covering a full spectrum of topics available.


Kindergarten to Grade 12 School Allowance

On-reserve Kindergarten to Grade 12 students attending public or private schools in Terrace are eligible for a school supply allowance. Application forms are available through the Kitselas Community Services Director.

School Supply Allowance Form

Kitselas First Nation does not receive tuition for non-status or non-registered students living on-reserve, nor for bus service to private schools. The BC Ministry of Education pays for the tuition of non-status students.

For information about Kindergarten to Grade 12 and applications for the school supply allowance, contact the Adult School Teacher.


Head Start Preschool

For information about the Kitselas Head Start Preschool, contact the Health Department.

Kitselas’ Head Start is a fully licensed preschool. This FREE program runs from September to June. Through a variety of fun activities, children ages 3 to 6 years old, living on-reserve, get the opportunity to utilize their intellectual and creative abilities.

The Head Start philosophy focuses on what is best for small children – playing! The program is guided by the Tsimshian calendar and the six components of Aboriginal Head Start, and is managed by the Kitselas Health Department. 

Many benefits come from enrolling your child in Kitselas Head Start preschool:

  • connection with culture
  • linguistic development
  • social development
  • art & creative development
  • school readiness
  • nutritional education
  • health promotion
  • family involvement
  • strengthening of social support

Location & Contact
1581 Kulspair Crescent, Terrace, BC
Phone number: 250-635-5084 Ext. 5027

Register your Child
Applications are available for pick up at the Reception Desk at the Kitselas Administration Building in Gitaus. Or contact the Health Department.


Books from the Terrace Library

The Kitselas Education Department formed a partnership with theTerrace Public Library to be a satellite library. That means we are able to order and return books for on-reserve members.