Kitselas Education is part of the Kitselas Community Services Department. Kitselas Education supports Kitselas members at all levels and stages of their schooling. Staff in the Education division work closely with members to assess their needs and connect them with optimal education opportunities and resources.

For more information on any of these programs, contact the Adult School Teacher. 

Wabsuwilaks’m Gitselasu Adult School
Kitselas Wabuwilaks’m Gitselasu Adult School delivers a range of courses, support and tutor services to students. The main goal of the school is support members who did not finish high school choose to complete their Dogwood Adult Graduation diploma.

Post Secondary
The Kitselas Education Department also provides funds to support Kitselas members who are registered in academic-stream college and university programs. With your high school graduation certificate and Dogwood Diploma, there are many opportunities to continue your education!

Kindergarten to Grade 12 
On-reserve Kindergarten to Grade 12 students attending public or private schools in Terrace are eligible for a school supply allowance. Members must register through Kitselas Education.

Kitselas’ Head Start Preschool
Kitselas’ Head Start preschool is managed by the Kitselas Health Department. The Head Start philosophy focuses on what is best for small children – playing! This FREE program runs from September to June.

More Educational Resources
Including information on Scholarships & Bursaries, Open Textbooks, and the Kitselas Community Satellite Library