Lands & Resources

As stewards of the traditional territory, the job of the Kitselas Lands & Resources Department is to preserve and protect Kitselas lands and resources.

The department has three divisions:

  1. Lands
  2. Resource Stewardship
  3. Consultation & Engagement

Together, we plan and manage all potential developments and impacts to ensure sustainable use for current and future generations.

We take an open, responsible and holistic approach in all the work we do, while respecting history and culture, and asserting Kitselas Rights and Title. We are a progressive, passionate and supportive team that adapts well to change. We value continued personal and professional growth with the aim of buildingcapacity within our department and the Nation as a whole.

The work of our department empowers Kitselas Nation and facilitates a new era of indigenous self-governance. By celebrating and communicating our department’s successes, we demonstrate the true capabilities of First Nations to positively affect land and resource management and decision-making. This authorizes a new model of co-management that relies on First Nations knowledge and contributions. We are the Kitselas Lands and Resources Department.

The Kitselas Lands & Resources Department is guided by the Kitselas Lands & Resources Policy.

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