Thornhill Master Plan

Kitselas Development Limited Partnership, on behalf of Kitselas First Nation is
developing a Master Plan for +/- 62 hectares of land located in Thornhill that was
part of the Kitselas Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Benefits Agreement (2017).


   Every Member who completes a survey will be including in the draw to win a prize pack of a
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   Deadline to submit is August 24, 2020 at 4pm.

   Hard copies of the survey are available by contacting Geneva Mason at:
   T. 250-615-1382
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Project Background

The Kitselas LNG Agreement signed in 2017 provides funding for community and economic
development projects, and funding and land transfers linked to the construction and operation of
proposed LNG export facilities, including Pacific Northwest LNG and LNG Canada. One of the
land transfers that Kitselas acquired through this agreement was +/-62 hectares of land in
Thornhill (District Lot 373). This land is the subject of this Master Planning project.

Our History

Kitselas historic sites and family histories are woven within the landscape of Thornhill. Before
the settlement of Thornhill we know today, the land was utilized by countless generations of
Kitselas people. This area was once home to a previous settlement location of the Kulspai
Indian Reserve prior to relocation in 1937.

What is a Master Plan?

The Master Plan for our lands will provide guidance for future development including a Member-driven vision, detail around land use, infrastructure needs, community layout and design elements. It is a long-term guide for growth and development over a number of years and in phases.

The Master Plan will serve as a marketing tool that can be posted on the website, shared with real estate agents and prospective developers and it will help inform the future applications to BC Housing for this property.

Working in Collaboration

The lands are fee simple and are within the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine. Fee simple means that the owner “owns” the property and has full use and control over the land and buildings over it but is subject to any rights of the Crown and local bylaws and restrictions. This means the lands are subject to the Regional District’s laws and development regulations, including the Thornhill Official Community Plan that was recently adopted in June 2020.

Review the Thornhill Official Community Plan here: LINK

We are working collaboratively with the Regional District on the Master Plan process and together, we have a signed Cooperation Agreement in place and completed a Joint Planning Study for the lands in 2019.

Review the Joint Planning Study for this property here: LINK

Planning for the Future

The Plan will show future servicing infrastructure like where underground pipes and roads will be built and will outline how the community will fit into Thornhill overall including connections for how people will get around the neighbourhood.

The project team has started working behind the scenes, gathering information and preparing for community engagement – we need your input as part of that process!

Land Uses Including Social Housing

A mix of housing, commercial and industrial land use is proposed for the lands, providing an opportunity for both economic development through market-driven demand and social housing for Kitselas Members close to town. We have hired a BC Housing consultant to support a future funding application for Elders and Members housing within the Study area.


Community Engagement 

Two community meetings and a design workshop were held with Members in May and June 2018 during the development of the Joint Planning Study.

Building past engagement, we will be reaching out to Elders and Members to collect more input input from Members this summer to help develop ideas and scenarios that will be presented for review and further feedback before finalizing the draft Master Plan late fall.

Kitselas Thornhill Master Plan Video:

coming soon!

What do you think should be the vision for this future neighborhood? 

We are collecting input about the future vision, land uses and design elements and need your input to help shape the future look and feel of the future neighbourhood including Elders and Members housing.


Have Questions or want to share your thoughts?


Contact Erica Louie, Kitselas Development Limited Partnership
Property and Assets Officer and Master Plan Project Manager at:

T. 250-641-2915