Pleasant years sped by.

Each year brought the accustomed duties. Each held a goodly measure of relaxation.

Medeek (name of Grizzly Bear crest, a sub-crest of the KillerWhale clan) and the Eagle (name of clan) lived peacefully side by side.

Peace reigned, food abounded.

There came a time when Fsem-Y-How (Tsunyow) became cramped and too small to hold the peoples of the Totems. Across the Canyon the land was more open. The Kleanza Mountain had its foot two miles back from the river’s rim. In the intervening space lay ample room for wide expansion. So, after many councils, it was decided a move should be made.

On the flat topped hill, east of the Canyon’s bank, a new town rose. Each totem had its area; room was left for the growth of population. In front of his House Neas Hiwas (name of Killer Whale clan chief) erected a new Totem. The symbolic Bear topped it, the Guell Haast (single fireweed, name of crest) decorated its base. Neas Nagwalik (name of Eagle clan chief) had skilled men carve a great cedar trunk. His House was marked by the Totem of the Eagle.

So the years sped.

From the coast came a new People, families of the Totem of the Crow (Raven clan). Koorm (Guam, name of Raven clan chief) was their chief. To them was extended a welcome. To them was given a site for their town.

Three Totems. The might of three strong Peoples, ruled the Canyon country.

Prosperity grew with the passing years.