Contact the Kitselas Public Works, Housing & Infrastructure Department for more information about any of the following programs and services. 


Help with Home Repairs

Fill out the WORK ORDER REQUEST FORM at the bottom of this page for to get help with on-reserve home repairs.

The following programs are also available to Kitselas members for help with housing. 
Note, programs are NOT always available and the criteria changes every year.


Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP)

The Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP) program helps people who live in substandard dwellings and cannot afford to pay for necessary repairs to their homes. This program is through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).

Application Forms:

The Kitselas Housing department can help members apply to this program.


Home Adaptations for Seniors’ Independence (HASI)

The Home Adaptations for Senior’s Independence (HASI) Program offers financial assistance through the Kitselas Band Council to help low income Elders continue to live independently in their own homes. This program is through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).

Information & Application Forms:


Mould Prevention

Keeping your home dry, by controlling moisture and water damage, is key to preventing the growth of mould. Here’s a few tips to help you reduce and control moisture sources:

  • Do not hang wet clothes to dry inside your house.
  • Use exhaust fans in your bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Do not store firewood indoors.
  • Repair leaky appliances, plumbing pipes and fixtures as soon as possible.
  • Disconnect your water hose from your outside water faucet.


About Kitselas Housing

Mission:  Provide safe and stable housing for Kitselas members on-reserve.

  • Provide access to funding for new homes, repairs and renovations on-reserve.
  • Manage repairs and renovations.
  • Manage construction of new homes.
  • Assist in meeting reporting requirements for Indigenous Services Canada, and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

Kitselas Housing is part of the Public Works, Housing & Infrastructure DepartmentWe are working hard to ensure we address housing issues as quickly as possible. From 2005 to 2011, Kitselas built 63 new homes, and we have plans to build more. We have been able to bring approximately 252 band members home. 

Download this Housing Presentation from a November 2019 community meeting for more information about housing in the Kitselas community.


Housing Work Order Request

Complete the form below to request work on your home.

Housing Work Order Request