The Kitselas Finance Department has a number of responsibilities:

• Ensure financial policies are up to date
• Oversee contracts
• Prepare payments
• Monitor departmental expenditures
• Generate quarterly financial statements
• Present budgets to the Council and Chief
• Provide financial advice to the Council and Chief
• Liaise and prepare financial reports for staff, funders and auditors

The Kitselas Finance department follows Kitselas First Nation’s Financial Administration Law, which is listed on the Laws & Policies page of this website.

To ensure accuracy and transparency, the department works under the guidance of the Kitselas Finance & Audit Committee. The committee is composed of the Director of Finance & Human Resources, two Council members, and a member of the community.

The Finance and Audit Committee provides Council with advice and recommendations in order to support Council’s decision-making process regarding the financial administration of the Nation. For more information, contact the Kitselas Director of Finance and Human Resources.

Payment Schedule
Kitselas payroll is biweekly, while accounts are paid weekly. Cheques are mailed or available for pick on Friday mornings from reception at the Kitselas Administration Building in Gitaus.

Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of BC (AFOABC)
Financial statements can be complex and hard to understand. The Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of BC (AFOABC) is an organization dedicated to helping First Nations – individual members, governments and staff – better understand finances.

The AFOABC website has many excellent resources for everyday community members to financial experts.

First Nations Financial Fitness: Your Guide for Getting Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise.