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The department works closely with unemployed or under-employed members who are able to work. Our aim is to provide the supports, training and experience members need to work in long-term jobs expected to be in high demand in the near future.

We want to help you find fulfilling, stable, well-paid, long-term employment.

Funding & Support

Most training and certification programs are FREE to Kitselas members. However, the availability of certification and training programs often depends on what funding is available from government and other partners, who help Kitselas offer these programs.

As much as possible, we also offer different supports to program participants. Depending on the program and funding, this may include transportation, food, daycare, tools and equipment, and more.


Current Training Opportunities


Job Opportunities

The department aims to support members in their search for employment. Staff will do as much as possible to help members find a position that works for them. However, while the department aims to prepare members as much as possible and according to the current job market, staff cannot guarantee employment for training participants.


Program Intake & Process

The Kitselas Employment & Training Department aims to meet each member exactly where they are at – in life, and in their employment and training journey. The department aims to build up each individual’s skills and confidence, as well as offer them the programs and experience they need to succeed. The path to full-time employment is not always easy nor direct. The economy is constantly fluctuating in Northwest BC, and each individual has his or her own barriers and opportunities.

Applicants have the opportunity to participate in an initial needs assessment. Department staff and the participant then work together to create an individualized action plan. Depending on the initial assessment, participants will start in one of the following tiers of the departments 5-tier program:

Tier 1 – A safe space for assessment
Tier 2 – Essential Skills
Tier 3 – Work Experience
Tier 4 – Advanced Training
Tier 5 – Job Placement (Career Development and Entrepreneurial activities)


Recognizing that each member and participant is different, the program is fluid and allows participants to move up and down throughout the stages, and at their own pace.


Contact the Kitselas Employment & Training department if you are interested in working with us.