Guided by a strong vision for health and wellness, the department works to foster good physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health for Kitselas members. The department collaborates with many partners and organizations to provide a continuum of holistic services and supports.

Kitselas Health creates and runs various health clinics and community groups based on the needs of Kitselas members. The department also offers community and home care services.

Community services are delivered in group settings, special events that support specific health initiatives or teachings. Kitselas offers immunization clinics, chronic disease management and screening, and counselling referrals, and has a Nurse Practitioner available for family doctor type services by appointment.

Home care visits can be for treating acute health conditions, monitoring of chronic conditions, health system navigation, wellness visits, homemaking services and referrals to partners in care.

Kitselas offers support to all ages. Kitselas Health Center in Gitaus, the Health Satellite office in Kulspai, variety of clinics, programs and support services such as home care.

Department shares resources and works together to serve Kitselas members the best way possible.

The Kitselas Youth Wellness Program and Centre is also part of the Kitselas Health department as is the Kitselas Head Start Preschool Program for children ages 2.5 to 5 years old.


Health Clinics

The Kitselas Health Department offers a variety of clinics, all for FREE.

To book an appointment or for more information about any of these clinics, call 250-635-5084 and ask for the health assistant. Or call 250-615-4086 Ext 4086.

Note that if you do not see a clinic for your health concerns, please still contact the health department and we will do our best to provide you with or help you access the service you need.

Regular Clinics
Nurse Practitioner Clinics
Toby Hilton is the current Nurse Practioner and offers Offers family medical services, similar to going to see a family doctor such as prescriptions, X-rays, etc.
Every Wednesday. Last appointment at 3pm. In Gitaus.
Call ahead to book an appointment with the Health Assistant, Amanda Low, to see the Nurse Practioner; there is a waitlist.

Immunization Clinics
For infant, toddler, school-aged and adult vaccines.
(No travel vaccines. Call your local pharmacy for these.)
Every Thursday. 11am to 2pm. In Gitaus
Call ahead to book an appointment.

Irregular Clinics
Flu Clinic
For annual flu shot.
From November to March.
Available on set times on set days or call ahead to book an appointment.

Tooth Varnish Clinic
For infants up to children age 6.
Will perform oral exam and if necessary, apply a tooth protectant.
Clinic is every three months. Health Department will inform community when clinic is coming. Clinic will also visit Kitselas daycare and Head Start.

Mobile Diabetics Clinic
For people with diabetes or pre-diabetes.
Health Department will inform community when clinic is coming.
Services offered include:
• Full assessment for complications of diabetes including: eye exam, foot exam, kidney, liver and cholesterol testing and Hb A1c testing (glycated haemoglobin)
• State of the art retinal examination (without eye drops)
• Medication review
• Individual, same-day counselling and care planning with recommendations to your family doctor and Kitselas health staff for follow up.
• Same day results.

No fasting required.

 Cancer Awareness & Prevention
Kitselas hosts a mammograph and pap clinic every two years. 

First Nations Health Authority Benefits

As of September 16, 2019 Dental, Vision and Medical Supplies & Equipment Plans Administered through Pacific Blue Cross. This is a smooth transition for anyone previously registered with FNHA and doesn’t require any action.

  • Your status number is your benefits membership number.
  • You have access to an app and website to download your member ID card and submit claims.

It is important that every body gets their status card. Please register newborns as soon as possible.

For more information on your Health Benefits you can continue to call 1-855-550-5454 or email

Your Member Profile

FNHA clients may go online at or download the PBC mobile app. Using your status number, you can create a Member Profile for convenient self-service. For example, you may:

• Look up detailed coverage information

• Get reimbursed via direct deposit in as little as 48 hours

• Check your balance for your benefit

 Search for vision care providers who are registered with PBC                  

Dental Plan – Highlights of Eligible Benefits

• More coverage for preventive services

• Crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays, and onlays

• Less coverage criteria

• 2 exams and 2 cleanings per year

• White fillings

• Full and partial dentures

• Night guards

• Dental accidents

Vision Care Plan Highlights 

• No pre-approvals needed for eye exams and standard eyewear

For clients 18 and younger:
 $100 every year for eye exams
 $275 every year for standard eyewear
For clients 19 and older:
 $100 every two years for eye exams
 $275 every two years for standard eyewear

There is a process to provide additional benefit coverage for clients with complex needs.

Medical Supplies & Equipment Plan Highlights

• Streamlined process for prior authorizations

• Faster claims processing for providers means supplies or equipment for clients are available faster

• Faster processing of client reimbursements


Drug Plan Note 

Most drug benefits will continue to be covered through PharmaCare Plan W, however PBC will administer some drug benefits. These will mainly be for people who aren’t yet enrolled in Plan W. If this is you, please contact Health Benefits at 1.855.550.5454 to enroll in Plan W.

Community Health Groups

Kitselas has several community health groups. All groups are FREE, and usually include a meal or a snack.

The schedules of these groups are regularly listed in the Kitselas Connects Newsletter, and in the News and Calendar sections of this website.

The Health Department started some of these health groups while others community-driven. The goal of the groups is to build a healthier and more compassionate Kitselas community. Its important for community members to be engaged with their community, and feel ownership of its activities, as well as their own health.

For more information about any of these groups, call 250-635-5084 and ask for the health assistant. Or call 250-615-4086 Ext 4086.

Parent Connection Group
Lead by Jada Seymour, Community Health Representative.
Every Wednesday
12noon to 2 pm
Gitaus Administration Building

Focus is on new and expectant parents but everyone welcome.
Includes a range of activities, discussions, speakers and presentations. Sample topics include parenting techniques, nutrition, physical health and activities.

Gitselasu Elders
First Tuesday of every month
Times 5pm
Elders Centre in Gitaus
Kitselas Elders group based in Gitaus. Activities include field trips, wellness activities, fundraising, cooking, and more.
Organized by Kitselas Elder William Bolton.
Everyone welcome.

Every Thursday
12noon to 2pm
Satellite Health Station in Kulspai
Includes a range of activities, discussions, speakers and presentations with a focus on wellness and socializing. Members sometimes work in the community garden during the summer months.

Men’s Group
Every second Friday.
5pm to 9pm.
Gitaus Administration Building
For men ages 19+.
Activities and discussions are self-driven – the group decides – with a focus on comradery, reconnecting to culture and land-based activities.

Women’s Group – Coming Soon!


Greenhouse/Community Garden

The Greenhouse and Community Garden program is run by Patsy Drummond. 

The Greenhouse is located in Gitaus and expands the community pogram. The are six garden boxes available for community members. 

Members can apply for a Good Food Box where they receieve fresh produce, vegetables, eggs, and other dry goods once a month  – dropped off at their homes on reserve. 

First Nations Action and Support Team (FAST)

Jade Syemour is the FAST trained staff member for Kitselas to support persons at-risk in the community and determine care plans. FAST can respond to a crisis in a community.

FAST is not designed to replace exisiting initiatives or porgrams in the community but complement existing services and represent a coordinated effort to address community crisis, especially suicide

Home Care

The Kitselas Home Care program provides FREE home care services to Kitselas members and Elders who require additional support at home. Home Care services include:
1. Home Care
For example, cooking, cleaning, laundry and personal care such as bathing
2. Nursing
For example, disease management and treatment
3. Regular Wellness Checks

Need Home Care?
To access home care services, community members should contact the Kitselas Home Care Support Worker.

A Health staff member will visit you in your home to figure out your needs. Then will work with you to create a long-term care plan.

If the Home Care staff are unable to meet all your needs, they will help you access the specialists or services you need, for example, a physiotherapist or occupational therapist. They will also help you get aids and supplies you may need such as walkers, crutches, bath and toileting ads, etc.

For more information, contact the Kitselas Home Care Support Worker.

Free Naloxone Kits

FREE Naloxone Kits for Overdoses

Naloxone is a medication that quickly reverses the effects of an overdose from opioids such as heroin, methadone, fentanyl and morphine. It is often given as an injection into a muscle.

Free, take-home naloxone kits are available from the Kitselas community health nurse. The Community Nurse can deliver the kit or meet members in private, and give a brief teaching session of how the kits work.

For more information about Naloxone and opioids, go to

Contact the health clinic with any questions or concerns.

Or you can send a message directly to the health manager through the form below:

Health Form