Kitselas Council works closely with Kitselas community members through several committees and working groups.

Community Wellness Working Group

A key challenge facing Chief and Council is how to pursue initiatives aimed at improving community well-being, in a manner that is holistic and strategic in approach and includes meaningful community input.

The purpose of the Community Wellness Working Group is to provide input to support Chief and Council in making decisions that builds community well-being. The group is open to all people who self-identify by participating in meetings.

Meetings occur as needed but the general goal is to meet bi-monthly and no less than four times per year.

Finance & Audit Committee

The Finance and Audit Committee provides Council with advice and recommendations in order to support Council’s decision-making process respecting the financial administration of the Nation. Two of the three committee members are councilors.

Current members include:

  • Sam Harris, Sue Bevan, Roxanne Ridler and Jodie McKay