Dog Control Services

The Kitselas Dog Control Act was enacted in 2012. Kitselas Lands and Resources Department has a contract agreement with the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine (RDKS) to provide dog control services in Gitaus (IR #1), Kulspai IR (#6), and seasonally (May-September) in Endudoon (IR #4).


Dog Licensing

As per the Kitselas Dog Control Act, all dogs are required to be licenced with the Kitselas Reserve Lands Management Division and have a dog tag. Benefits of a dog licence include:

  • Greater probability of getting your dog back if it goes missing. It is the easiest and fastest way to help reunite lost dogs to their families.
  • The fees help offset costs of operating animal control and shelter services.

A dog tag must always be displayed on your dog and the owner must have a copy of the dog licence.


How to Purchase a Dog Licence?

Due to current concerns regarding COVID-19, the Lands and Resources Department office is currently closed. To obtain dog licence, please schedule an appointment with the Reserve Lands Officer at to fill out the Dog Licence Application form and submit the fee*. Once the completed application and fee have been reviewed, a dog tag will be provided.

Dog licences must be renewed each year in January.

*Dog licence fee is $15 each year
*Dog licence fees will be waived during the month of January each year

Looking for Your Dog?

Once a dog is impounded, it will be brought to the Thornhill Animal Shelter. If the owner is known, they will be notified as soon as possible. Kitselas First Nation members pay the impoundment fees as listed below.

    Dog Control Services – Schedule Fees
    • Pick up of dog: $75
    • Seizure of dog at large: $100/hour
    • Seizure of dangerous dog* at large: $130/hour
    • Impoundment: $160
    • Impoundment of dangerous dog: $320                   

   *Dangerous dog as defined in Kitselas Dog Control Act
A Pit Bull or any dog that has killed or seriously injured a person or domestic animal, or if an Animal Control Office has reasonable grounds to believe it is likely  to kill or seriously injure a person.In the event the dog is not reclaimed within 72 hours after impoundment the dog will be adopted out or destroyed.

         please note: Fee schedule are subject to change in September 2020

Report A Loose Dog, Dangerous Dog, or Dog Cruelty

If you observe a dog at large or a dog emergency, please contact Animal Control Services at the Thornhill Animal Shelter at 250-641-2966 or The operating hours for dog seizure and impoundment services are Monday-Friday (excluding statuary holidays) from 12:30-4:30. Shelter staff may respond prior to 12:30 on certain weekdays.

After operational hours, call the RCMP if a dog is considered a dangerous dog, or if a dog presents imminent danger to the public. 


For any questions about dog control on Kitselas Reserve Lands please contact the Reserve Lands Officer.

Phone: 778-634-3517 ext. 4062