The goal of the Kitselas Treaty is to get Kitselas out from under the Indian Act and make the nation self-governing.

Out of the 6 stages of the BC Negotiations Process, Kitselas is in Stage 5, negotiating a Final Agreement.

Kitselas has been at the treaty negotiations table with the Governments of Canada and BC since 1995.

Current Initiatives
In addition to regular negotiations, Kitselas Treaty is working to prepare the Nation for what they would need should a final agreement happen, for example, the createion of a constitution.

Kitselas Constitution 
As part of treaty negotiations and path to self-governance, the Kitselas Treaty is currently working with the community to draft a Kitselas Constitution. Kitselas Treaty has hosted several meetings between 2015 and 2017 to develop the Constitution and gather input from Kitselas members.

A Constitution is an agreement among a nation’s citizens (in this case the Kitselas People) on who can govern them. A Constitution determines the powers and limitations of their government, how people are protected from their own government and how order is maintained. The constitution is the highest level of law.

Working Groups
Working Groups are where the technical, and research work gets done by Kitselas, BC, Canada, and their experts in the field. This research assists the Treaty Negotiation Table. Recent and current working groups include:

Main Table Working Group – Language in the Final Agreement is edited here. The closing plan which is a timeline of Stage 5 negotiations, is also revised as tasks get started up or completed.

Lands Technical Working Group – Research and data are collected on gravel pits, roads, Indian Reserves etc. to assist with the Land Package offer.

Fisheries Technical Working Group – Technical research is done here by the Federal and Provincial teams, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and Kitselas to prepare for Negotiations.

Forestry Working Group – Technicalwork regarding Forestry Fund Agreements between Kitselas, Ministry of Lands, Forests and Natural Resources Operations, and British Columbia

Fiscal Working Group – Federal Fiscal staff review new approaches and policies implemented by the Federal Government that effect the Kitselas Treaty Negotiations Table.

Water Working Group – Research on rivers, streams, and their water volumes, available flow and models for water allocations in the Final Agreement.

Legal Working Group – Lawyers review each chapter once complete and any language that needs further legal clarification to be Final Agreement ready.