Social Development

Social Development is part of Kitselas’ Community Services Department.

Kitselas Social Development works in collaboration with Employment & Training (E&T), Education, Housing, and Health. The division focuses on moving clients on social assistance towards independence, by helping them gain skills through Education, and Employment & Training

Kitselas’ Social Development worker’s duties include:

• Provides social assistance and information with regard to on-reserve financial assistance, funeral expenses, as well as administering on-reserve programs such as Adult-in-Home Care, National Child Benefit Re-investment, and Family Violence Prevention.
• Provides information and advocates for both On- and Off- reserve Kitselas members, in matters such as Health Benefits, Social Assistance, legal aid, courts and families with children-in-care of the Ministry of Children & Family Development, or Northwest Inter-Nation Family Community Services Society (NIFCS).
• Supervises the on-reserve Adult In-Home Care Program, a program that provides in home care such as light housekeeping, shopping, and support for elders, and sick or disabled persons.
• Supervises the on-reserve National Child Benefit Re-investment Program –child care and home to work, which provides support in meeting parents and children’s needs who wish to return to work
• Network with other First Nation’s social workers, resource workers and agencies such as the Ministry of Child and Family Services, the Northwest Inter-nation Family Community Services Society (NIFCS).

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