The Kitselas Community Services department provides cultural and social development services and education to Kitselas community members. The department’s main objective is to provide opportunities to current Kitselas citizens and for future generations.

Social Development
Kitselas Social Development works in collaboration with the Employment & Training (E&T), Education, Housing, and Health departments. The department focuses on moving clients on social assistance towards independence, by helping them gain skills through Education, and Employment & Training.

Kitselas Education supports Kitselas members at all levels and stages of their schooling. Staff in the Education Department work closely with members to assess their needs and connect them with optimal education opportunities and resources.

Socio-Economic Team
Kitselas Community Services department also coordinates Kitselas Socio-Economic team. The mandate of the Kitselas Socio-Economic Team is to work within and outside Kitselas to enhance and support the development of employment and training opportunities, and address the socio-economic conditions and health of Kitselas members and community residents.

In particular, the team focuses on impacts and opportunities associated with industrial development in Northwest BC, for example, proposed LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) projects. Should major projects be developed in the Terrace/Prince Rupert/Kitimat areas, a flurry of fast-paced development and employment activities will take place in the region. The Socio-Economic Development team wants the Kitselas people and community to benefit as much as possible.

The Socio-Economic Team is made up of the Director of Community Services, the Health Manager, and the Manager of Employment & Training.

Duties include but are not limited to:
• representing Kitselas on socio-economic impact issues, and employment & training interests at local and provincial levels
• participating in negotiations for Employment & Training contracts and funding

For more information on any of these programs, contact the Kitselas Community Services Director.