Kitselas Public Works & Infrastructure provides and manages a variety of community services and assets:
• Water
• Road Maintenance
• Waste, Recycling and Compost
• Snow removal equipment, etc.
• Building

Kitselas public works and infrastructure is overseen by the Kitselas Public Works, Housing & Infrastructure Department.

Visit the Regional District of Kitimat Stikine website for more information about recycling, garbage and compost/organics.

More info about how these services work in Kitselas. Who provides them? What is provided to people – cans, etc.

A reminder to all Kitselas residents that soft plastics such as: bread bags, shopping bags, plastic cover wrap on water bottles, etc are not to be in your recyclables. Also styrofoam and glass jars.

These items will now have to be brought to Do-Your-Part recycling in Thornhill by you and will not be picked up on Tuesday’s with your curbside recycling.

Please keep these items out to avoid having your recyclables left behind.

These items can be disposed in the garbage or brought to local depots including: Do-Your-Part recycling, Return It depot.

Compost/Organic Guidelines
• To the curb no later than 10:00am
• Container must be no more than 50lbs
• All food waste must be placed in a rigid, lidded container
• Bags that have ‘compostable’ logo’s on them are accepted (plastic or paper).
• Any biodegradable labelled bags will not be accepted as that type of plastic does not truly break down.

Garbage Guidelines
• To the curb no later than 12noon
• No more than 50 lbs per bag
• Use clear garbage bags only, all other bags will not be picked up
• Follow all recycling and organics guidelines, any recycling or food waste found in garbage will not be picked up so please check your bags carefully to avoid it being left behind