Resource Stewardship

The Resources Stewardship division of the Kitselas Lands & Resources department (KLRD) is responsible for the management and protection of fisheries, forests, wildlife, water and cultural heritage resources within the Kitselas Traditional Territory.

With Kitselas community values at the forefront, we monitor, assess, collect data and record resource information to ensure on-going and sustainable use of the Traditional Territory’s lands and waters by current and future land users.

Through science and stewardship, the work of this team establishes Kitselas’ role as a resource authority while providing technical advice to inform regional management decisions in government-to-government discussions.

Check out the Kitselas Resources Programs & Services Guide (updated version coming soon) for an overview of the division’s services.

Contact staff from the Resources Stewardship Division of the Kitselas Lands & Resources Department for more info.

Fishing & Hunting
The Resources Stewardship Division of the Kitselas Lands & Resources manages the programs associated with Kitselas First Nation Hunting and Fishing . Go to these individual pages for Kitselas member rules and regulations for Hunting and Fishing. Updates will also be posted on these pages during the Hunting and Fishing seasons.