Lands Management


The Kitselas Lands Management division of the Lands & Resources Department aims to ensure that the direction of development on reserve lands meets the needs and desires of Kitselas community members. The department has a variety of responsibilities.


Dog Control
Issue dog licenses and assist with dog control issues. For more information go to the Dog Control page.


Property Taxation
Administer property tax. For more information go to the Property Taxation page.


Lands Registration
Manage all land registration issues and documents. For more information go to the Land Registration page.


Land Transactions
Perform individual land holdings under the Kitselas Reserve Lands Management Act. Responsibilities include: land transfers, assisting with survey requests, researching individual land titles, recording oral history, updating titles, resolving internal boundary disputes, performing encumbrance checks and managing general inquiries.


Leases & Permits
Assist with various leases such as recreational, residential, commercial, and industrial. Provide advice and information about leases and permits, and lands management policies and procedures.


Lands Inventory
Maintain a database with an inventory of Kitselas lands. Information maintained on behalf of Kitselas includes: lot #, evidence of title, legal description, lease, sub-lease, permits, address, building types, oral histories for traditional land holders, and current land use.


Environmental Management
Following the procedures set out by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA), ensure projects on Kitselas lands are planned and managed in a careful and precautionary manner so that they do not cause significant adverse environmental effects.


Wills & Estates Planning
Help Kitselas members settling an estate that involves Kitselas land. Assist with the required documentation to transfer the land and appoint an administrator. Provide information for members to write their wills.


Community Workshops
Host land related community workshops, engagement meetings and information sessions for about land related projects.


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