Lands Management


The Kitselas Lands Management division of the Lands & Resources Department aims to ensure that the direction of development on reserve lands meets the needs and desires of Kitselas community members. The department has a variety of responsibilities.

Land Use Plan

The Kitselas Land Use Plan is a living document that must be reviewed as part of all decision-making processes on Kitselas’ Reserve lands. This is to ensure that any proposed future decisions related to the use of land are consistent with the Plan. Any decisions related to new development or expansion or relocation of existing development must adhere to the Land Use Plan. Examples of projects that would require input from the Land Use Plan include, but may not be limited to:

  • Residential development (homes and subdivisions)
  • Commercial development
  • Industrial development
  • Infrastructure development
  • Community facilities
  • Resource extraction activities (i.e. forestry and mining)

The Nation adopted its first Land Use Plan in 2012 for Reserve lands after extensive consultation with community members and technical support from staff and external consultants. The 2019 Land Use Plan builds on the Nation’s First Land Use Plan adopted in 2012

Dog Control

Kitselas Lands Management is responsible for issuing dog licenses. The department also assists the Kitselas Department of Public Works, Infrastructure & Housing with dog control issues.

We have a dog control agreement in place with and work closely with the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine’s Dog Control Services on these issues.

Public spaces in Kulspai and Gitaus are regularly patrolled throughout the week to ensure all dogs, and dog owners, are acting responsibly so everyone can enjoy public spaces.

Dog Licenses
As per the Kitselas Dog Control Act, all dogs are required to be licensed with Kitselas Lands Management.

Benefits of dog licenses:
• Form of identification.
• Fastest way to reunite you with your lost dog.
• Mandatory requirement for all dogs; must be displayed at all times.
• Fees help offset costs of operating animal control and shelter services.
• Owners of licensed dogs avoid paying an additional penalty if dog is impounded.

How to license your dog:
• Come to our office in Gitaus or book an appointment for us to come to you.
• Fill out the Dog License application form (link to pdf), available here or at our office
• Pay $15 and receive a dog tag and copy of the license
• Re-new license every January

Looking for Your Dog?
Once a dog is impounded, it will be transported to the Thornhill Animal Shelter and the owner will be notified ASAP. Kitselas Members pay the impoundment fees as listed on the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine’s website

To Report a Loose or Roaming Dog
Call 778-634-3517 with details of the dog and location.

To Report an Aggressive Animal or Animal Cruelty
Call BC SPCA at 1-800-622-7722
Provide details such as name of owner, address, date and time.
Evidence such as pictures and videos are helpful.

Property Taxation

Federal legislation allows First Nations to pass their own taxation laws under the guidance of theFirst Nation Tax Commission.

Kitselas has been administering property tax since 2012 and follow the Kitselas Property Assessment and Property Taxation Acts.

The Kitselas Lands & Resource Department (KLRD) issues tax notices and collects property taxes from taxpayers.

All collected taxes go towards local programs and services provided to the Kitselas community members such as: water and sewer, fire protection, garbage collection, BC Assessment and transit services.

For more information on Property Taxation contact the Lands Management division staff.

Lands Registration

Kitselas is required to record all Kitselas property interests in the First Nation Lands Registry System (FNLRS), which is maintained by Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada.

As part of this process, the Lands Management division registers all Kitselas certificates of allocation, land transfers, leases, permits, easements, rights of ways, and other documents in this system. We also provide proof of land title and other documents as requested.

The land registry system is an electronic, web-based system.

Kitselas Land Management requires the following for all registrations:
1. All documents submitted for registration must be accompanied by one of the following registration forms. ((link to individual pdf forms)

KLMO 001 Land Interest Application
KLMO 002 Estate Transfer of Kitselas Reserve Lands
KLMO 003 Applying for Land Transfer

2. The forms must be completed and signed by the applicant, agent, law/notary office; all unsigned applications will be returned to the sender as we cannot act as the applicant/agent on the file.

3. We require at least three original copies of the application and document(s); one copy will go to the applicable office upon registration; one will be retained by Kitselas Lands Management; and one will go to the applicant.

Contact the Kitselas Lands Management staff with any questions or for more information.

Land Transactions

Perform individual land holdings under the Kitselas Reserve Lands Management Act. Responsibilities include: land transfers, assisting with survey requests, researching individual land titles, recording oral history, updating titles, resolving internal boundary disputes, performing encumbrance checks and managing general inquiries.


Leases & Permits

Assist with various leases such as recreational, residential, commercial, and industrial. Provide advice and information about leases and permits, and lands management policies and procedures.


Lands Inventory

Maintain a database with an inventory of Kitselas lands. Information maintained on behalf of Kitselas includes: lot #, evidence of title, legal description, lease, sub-lease, permits, address, building types, oral histories for traditional land holders, and current land use.



Environmental Management

Following the procedures set out by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA), ensure projects on Kitselas lands are planned and managed in a careful and precautionary manner so that they do not cause significant adverse environmental effects.



Wills & Estates Planning

Help Kitselas members settling an estate that involves Kitselas land. Assist with the required documentation to transfer the land and appoint an administrator.


Community Workshops

Host land related community workshops, engagement meetings and information sessions for about land related projects.