Lands & Resources Policy

The Kitselas Lands & Resources Department is guided by the Kitselas Lands & Resources Policy.
This policy is a statement of the principles and processes for land, water and resource management in the Kitselas traditional territory. It is predicated on Kitselas First Nation aboriginal rights and title. It is also based on the teaching of our elders that ownership carries with it a responsibility for stewardship and sharing.

This policy carries with it an invitation to non-native people in our territory to participate in a process of reconciliation. If you hold interests in the lands, water and resources in the Kitselas First Nation territory, granted to you by other governments, we wish to talk to you about ways in which those interests can be used to better serve your needs and those of the Kitselas First Nation.

For governments, this policy sets out certain criteria, which we can use to forge more balanced and effective inter-governmental working arrangements, ensure meaningful consultation and appropriately engage the “honour of the Crown” in all our dealings regarding lands, water and resources.

This policy does not constitute a blanket approval for land, water and resource decisions that have been made in the past in which the Kitselas First Nation did not participate. Those decisions and the tenures or interests that have been created from those decisions need to be dealt with through individual processes involving the Kitselas First Nation, the responsible governments and the various tenure holders in our territory.