Post Secondary

The Kitselas Education Department also provides funds to support Kitselas members who are registered in academic-stream college and university programs. With your high school graduation certificate and Dogwood Diploma, there are many opportunities to continue your education!

To be eligible, students must:
• Be a REGISTERED Kitselas Member
• Have lived in Canada at least 12 months prior to application
• Be accepted into an eligible program at an eligible institution
• Maintain satisfactory academic standing

In BC, all eligible programs must meet the following criteria:
• Be offered at an eligible post-secondary institution.
• Be at least one academic year in length (as per institute standards) and lead to a degree, certificate or University College Entrance Preparatory (UCEP) program.
• Require Grade 12 Dogwood or equivalent for admission.

For more information and application forms for post-secondary funds, contact the Kitselas Community Services Director

You can also download the application form here (link to pdf) or fill one out online (link to online form)

Only applications complete with required documentation, as stated on the application form, will be reviewed for consideration.