Kitselas Wabuwilaks’m Gitselasu Adult School

Kitselas Wabuwilaks’m Gitselasu Adult School delivers a range of courses, support and tutor services to students. The main goal of the school is support members who did not finish high school choose to complete their Dogwood Adult Graduation diploma.

Local education at the adult school has many positive benefits for the community:

• Members can complete their Adult Dogwood Certificate in a supportive, local community environment.
• Members increase their ability to secure meaningful employment.
• Members heighten their ability to better understand issues affecting their community.
• Members improve their ability to engage positively in their community.
• A stronger community with educated members will be better equipped to preserve its culture.

Wabuwilaks’m Gitselasu is a partnership initiative between Kitselas First Nations and the North Coast Distance Education School (NCDES). The Teacher at the school delivers education courses from NCDEP.

Student enrolment and attendance are essential for Wabsuwilaks’m Gitselasu Adult School to continue.

For more information and application forms (link to form), contact the Kitselas Education Coordinator.