Kitselas Development Corporation

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The mandate of the Kitselas Development Corporation (KDC) is to help Kitselas First Nations (KFN) build healthy and prosperous communities through business.

KDC was formed under the laws of governmental regulations to manage the economic arm of KFN. The KDC creates Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships to join the interests of KDC, KFN and stakeholders.

Kitselas Chief and council act as trustees on behalf of the KFN and works jointly with the KDC’s Board of Directors to protect the interests, activities and governance practices of KFN in regards to business development. KDC’s Board consists of three directors appointed by and accountable to the shareholders of KFN.

Benefits of Kitselas Development Corporation
Structuring economic development for Kitselas in this fashion has several benefits:

• Administrative cost savings
• Foundation for KFN self-sufficiency
• Political independence
• Community consultation
• Strong governance
• Network of relationships to ensure the overall success of the KFN and their stakeholders