Kitselas Development Corporation


Kitselas Development Corporation (KDC) is the economic arm of Kitselas First Nation. KDC’s mandate is to help Kitselas First Nation build healthy and prosperous communities through business.

KDC aims to identify and develop business opportunities within and around the Kitselas Traditional Territory. KDC works closely with the private sector, governmental agencies and non-government organizations to promote and pursue Kitselas economic development and diversification. This can be in the form of cooperative agreements, joint ventures and other appropriate measures.

KDC’s goal is to create employment and training opportunities for Kitselas members as well as members of other nearby First Nations. We also want to reinvest profits in our Nation to further economic growth and diversity.


Areas of Interests

  • Energy
  • Construction
  • Safety
  • Environmental
  • Forestry
  • Housing
  • Tourism
  • Service and Supply
  • Land Development
  • Mining
  • Other Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources


Land Development

A major focus of KDC is to develop Kitselas land holdings and lease them to interested business parties. This includes:

  1. Kitselas Industrial Development Park – Located south of the Northwest Regional Airport between Terrace and Kitimat.
  2. Groundside Commercial Park – located adjacent to the airport
  3. Onion Lake Site

For more information about the economic climate and context in and around Kitselas Traditional Territory, check out the City of Terrace’s investment portal.



Kitselas Development Corporation played a significant role in developing two Kitselas businesses.

Kitselas Forestry Products develops and manages timber resources on behalf of Kitselas.

Wai Wah Environmental, created by the Kitselas Lands & Resources department, is an environmental services firm owned by Kitselas First Nation. The company crovides land reclamation and environmental monitoring services to new industrial developments in northwest British Columbia.


Board of Directors

In 2019, the KDLP Board of Directors expanded to gain a greater perspective, and access expertise and business experience. The board meets frequently to become familiar with the operations of KDLP and KFLP. The current KDC Board of Directors includes:

  1. Calvin Carlick
  2. Judy Gerow
  3. Clarence Nyce
  4. Elias McMillan

Kitselas Chief and Council work with the KDC’s Board of Directors to protect the interests, activities and governance practices of the Nation in regards to business development.