Annual Report

Each year, Kitselas Administration publishes an annual report with the Nation’s financial statements. The report also highlights the accomplishments, goals and challenges of the Nation and Administrative departments during the fiscal year.The report is usually released in November and presented at a community Annual General Meeting (AGM).




The Kitselas Communications department publishes the Nations’ official newsletter, Kitselas Connects, every second Friday. Kitselas Connects is our official source for information regarding government and administration services, as well as community events and notices. To read recent and past issues, go to the Kitselas Connects newsletter page.

If you have a story you would like to see in the newsletter, please contact the Kitselas Communication Officer by email at Deadline for submissions is at 3pm every second Wednesday following the date of the last newsletter.

Former Newsletters

The GItselasu was Kitselas’ weekly newsletter before Kitselas Connects. If you are interested in seeing past issues of the Gitselasu Weekly, contact the Kitselas Communications Department. 

For several years, the Kitselas Treaty Department also published the Canyon Current, a newsletter focused on the Treaty. In the summer of 2017, this newsletter was rolled into Kitselas official newsletter, Kitselas Connects. If you are interested in seeing past issues of the Canyon Current, contact the Kitselas Treaty Department.