Lands Registration

Kitselas is required to record all Kitselas property interests in the First Nation Lands Registry System (FNLRS), which is maintained by Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada.

As part of this process, the Lands Management division registers all Kitselas certificates of allocation, land transfers, leases, permits, easements, rights of ways, and other documents in this system. We also provide proof of land title and other documents as requested.

The land registry system is an electronic, web-based system.

Kitselas Land Management requires the following for all registrations:
1. All documents submitted for registration must be accompanied by one of the following registration forms. ((link to individual pdf forms)

KLMO 001 Land Interest Application
KLMO 002 Estate Transfer of Kitselas Reserve Lands
KLMO 003 Applying for Land Transfer

2. The forms must be completed and signed by the applicant, agent, law/notary office; all unsigned applications will be returned to the sender as we cannot act as the applicant/agent on the file.

3. We require at least three original copies of the application and document(s); one copy will go to the applicable office upon registration; one will be retained by Kitselas Lands Management; and one will go to the applicant.

Contact the Kitselas Lands Management staff with any questions or for more information.