Laws & Policies

Kitselas Council governs through a policy-based model. As laws are created and put in place, so are complementary policies and procedures. Kitselas Council sets these policies.

In general, a policy outlines what a government hopes to achieve and the methods and principles it will use to achieve them. A policy document is not a law but it will often identify new laws needed to achieve its goals.

Laws, on the other hand, set standards, procedures and principles that must be followed. If a law is not followed, those responsible for breaking them can be prosecuted in court. (

Current Policies

Below are policies set by Council that Kitselas Administration and staff must adhere to.

Policy Distribution
Land Grant Policy
Budget Policy
Land Grant Transfers Upon Death
Land Pricing Policy
Band Council Resolution Policy
Kitselas Resources and Land Stewardship Policy (updated version coming soon)

Current Laws

Below are current Kitselas laws, applicable on Kitselas reserve lands.

Kitselas Reserve Lands Management Act
(Clause by clause explanation of the Kitselas Act)
Kitselas Land Interests Law
Kitselas Family Property Law
Kitselas Property Taxation Act
Kitselas Property Assessment Act
Kitselas Financial Administration Law
Kitselas Dog Control Act