The role of Council is to provide the overall direction
 for the Nation and for Kitselas Administration to carry out this direction. The Council aims to act in the best interest of all Kitselas members, to enhance the well-being of Kitselas community members while protecting the Nation’s assets.

Council is generally involved in all major decisions that significantly affect the Band’s programs and services, financial well-being and good standing.

The Kitselas Chief and Council are elected every two years. Any member of Kitselas First Nations, above the age of 18, is eligible to be on council.

Current Council
Elected May 2017

Chief Councillor Joe Bevan

Councillor Sue Bevan

Councillor Judy Gerow

Councillor Cyril Nabess-Bennett

Councillor Roxanne Ridler

Councillor Gerald Seymour

Councillor Clarisa Spencer

Council Meetings

Council meetings take place every two weeks at the Administration Building in Gitaus at 5pm in the boardroom

Contact Chery Campbell if you would like more information.