The Agreement-in-Principle (AIP) determines what the Kitselas Treaty Final Agreement will look like but it is not legally binding. It is like a rough draft that is being tweaked and finalized.

The Kitselas people voted to ratify an AIP, and the Kitselas Govenrment signed this AIP in August 2015. This marked the completion of Stage 4 of the BC Treaty Process for Kitselas.

Booklet: Understanding the Agreement-in-Principle
This introductory booklet explains the purpose behind each chapter in the Agreement-in-Principle.

Document: Kitselas AIP Overview
This overview briefly summarizes all AIP chapters.

Below are a series of booklets detailing each chapter of the Kitselas AIP
Ch. 1 (Overview) Ch. 2 (General Provisions)
Ch. 3 (Land) Ch. 4 (Land Title)
Ch. 5 (Subsurface Resources) Ch. 6 (Water)
Ch. 7 (Forest Resources) Ch. 8 (Access)
Ch. 9 (Roads) Ch. 10 (Fisheries)
Ch. 11 (Wildlife) Ch. 12 (Migratory Birds)
Ch. 13 (Environmental Assessment & Protection) Ch. 14 (Role/Rights of Kitselas)
Ch. 15 (Self-Government) Ch. 16 (Indian Status Transition)
Ch. 17 (Capital Transfer & Loan Repayment) Ch. 18 (Fiscal Relations)
Ch. 19 (Taxation)
Ch. 20 (Culture & Heritage) Ch. 21 (Dispute Resolution)
Ch. 22 (Eligibility & Enrollment) Ch. 23 (Implementation)
Overview and Ch. 24 (Approval of the AIP) and Ch. 25 (Ratification)