Obtaining a Fishing Designation Card

  1. Bring your Kitselas status card to the Kitselas Lands & Resource Office.
  2. The membership clerk will verify your status card and provide you with Kitselas fishing rules and regulations.
  3. You sign the fishing designation form after understanding and agreeing to the rules and regulations.
  4. You receive a fishing designation card.

Fishing Rules & Regulations

  • Kitselas members’ name and number clearly visible on both ends of gillnet.
  • Fisher present at all times when the net is getting picked.
  • Fishing allowed two days (48 hours straight) once a week. Week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday.
  • Submit your total catch data to the FSC Fisheries monitors, or call the Kitselas Lands & Resources Office. Data you must report includes: species caught and number of fish, for example, 8 Sockeye, 3 Chinook.

Reporting Complaints & Illegal Activity

If you have a complaint or see illegal activity, provide as much information as possible to the Kitselas Lands & Resources Office, such as:

  • Make of vehicle or boat
  • License plate number(s)
  • Full description of, or name of person or persons
  • Time of activity
  • Location of activity