About Us

Kitselas is a progressive Nation. We are proud of our heritage and our achievements, both historic and contemporary.

Kitselas traditional territory is located in Northwest British Columbia. Our reserves and territory surround the City of Terrace and the mighty Skeena River.

Kitselas’ population today is approximately 700 people. About half of our people live on the Kitselas reserve of Gitaus, a 15-minute drive east of Terrace. Others in the area live in Kulspai, a smaller reserve west of Terrace. The rest of our population is spread throughout Vancouver, Prince George, Prince Rupert and other places.

Gitselasu (Kitselas) means ‘people of the Canyon’ in the Tsimshian language of Sm’algyax.

The Kitselas Canyon, located in Gitaus, is the heart of the Kitselas nation. The Canyon is a stronghold of the Kitselas people, who once charged traders and travelers on the river a toll to pass through. The Canyon is now a National Historic Site of Canada and open to visitors. Four longhouses and several totem poles are onsite.